A New Direction

My posts have been intermittent at best this summer and fall and for good reason. The topics I choose are usually fielded by the discussions I see amongst people regarding current events. Edward Snowden, Gun Control, etc. I initially set out with the intent on trying to foster discussions to inform and engage. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ve been true to form and its my fault. I allow my frustration with ignorance to outshine my mission and lose sight or focus on what I am trying to do. I also think now, after a year of paying careful attention to topics, doing hours of research into issues of divisiveness and sharing facts, people just don’t care to do the work it takes to be an informed citizen. Trying to bridge the gap between the divide in America today is hard work and I’m tired of trying to do my, albeit limited and smarmy, part. This endeavor has proven to me that most people in America are going to take the easy way out and forward 200 year old out of context quotes from dead people, or post their repositioned talking points from the Tea Party, the Progressives or whatever other shadowy group of scum bags they blindly support. Most people are clueless to the actual data and history behind our current state of affairs. One of my biggest frustrations comes from the fact that half of the United States, amongst them people I grew up with, went to college with, served in police work with and the like are the true “Walking Dead” in this country. Proof is easy: Half of America subscribes to the theory that 47% of our citizenry is on some form of entitlement program. Never mind the data that shows the makeup of this 47% includes America’s military (both current and former) and all state government employees. In the mind of these people, anyone who gets a check from the government is an entitlement receiver. It would be so funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Ted Cruz is the prime example of everything ass backwards in America. Not it’s political system, which is the finest in the world. Ted Cruz is a man who represents the MINORITY in America. He even said it time and time again during his government shutdown. “2 Million people signed the petition to stop Obama Care”, he cried.  “2 Million people are with us on this shutdown”, he ballyhooed on TV.  That’s well and good, until you realize 2 million people represent less than 1% of the total population. In fact, it’s less than 1/10 of a percentage point. He violated his oath of office, his Constitutional duties and subverted the democratic process. All the while, he and his party convinced half our county the President is a Socialist who is subverting democracy. You now, by winning elections and passing legislation through legal, Constitutional means. And they did it while collecting a paycheck from the Government.  Again, if it wasn’t so sad I would be laughing. You know, like the rest of the world is at us right now. 

I don’t care if you like the Affordable Care Act or not. I’m not talking about it. But it is an interesting example of branding in this country. Ever since the Tea Party became the alleged party of patriots, the term welfare has gone missing from Congress. Instead, we use “Entitlements”. Ever wonder why? Well, since the Tea Party is big on pointing to the Constitution, I am of the opinion that they had to change the label because they realized that the first line of said document defines one of the principle missions of the Federal Government “to promote the general welfare”. This doesn’t mean our welfare system is perfect or doesn’t need revisions. I’m not hear to talk about that. I’m talking about labels. Swing back to the ACA. Also known as “Obamacare”. The number of clips and polls of Americans shows how labeling the law affects people’s feeling about it. Funny, Obamacare is a Republican coined term that they now use as an example of the “tyranny” of the current President, you know because the law is named after him. Even though it isn’t. And they provided the nickname. Which proves just how stupid we are as a mass. I reiterate: It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. 

I’m no giant fan of the President by any stretch of the imagination. No one should be since we really haven’t seen anything from the man. His leadership skills can best be described as aloof, out of touch. Other than ACA, he has no other plan in place. Of course, since Congress hasn’t passed  a budget since 2008, he hasn’t had the money to actually implement a plan. ACA is not government provided insurance (you know, Social Medicine). It’s a law mandating health insurance coverage for all Americans, through a free trade system. But actual programs that require Congressional input, like his never launched JOBS program, are few and far between. Hold on, 2 signature programs by the President, one that launched (terribly) and one that didn’t. Both patterned on successful REPUBLICAN programs. But our tyrant of a socialist won’t work with the other side in his one sided attempts to limit your personal freedoms. You know, like take your guns away. Even though his only legislation as President on gun control LIFTED THE RESTRICTIONS of carrying a weapon in Federal Parks and Forests. You see, in his opinion it didn’t make sense to have people wandering through forests filled with giant predatory animals and not allow them opportunity to defend themselves. 

I could spend hours writing about the glaring contradictions between the horseshit that flows out of the mouths of the people invested in political mire; politicians, staffers, media, bloggers, corporate sponsors, donors, etc. It could take a lifetime. Luckily there are some excellent resources out there. I urge you to read them all.  If you look at the makeup of the US Debt, the proliferation of war and military actions and the overall spending pattern of the US government going back to 1901 you would be surprised at who is the Tax and Spend Party and who are the more fiscally conservative. If you look at the historical operating budget of the US government and number of employees on the payroll, you would see when and how government was bloated and who was responsible. If you look at the number of Federal Agencies that were created since WWII you would see which party is for small government and which is responsible for the largest expansion of government in our history. Not just in size but in spending and debt creation. Or do like most other people, ignore hard facts and follow the Pied Piper down the path to fairy land. Except in this case Fairyland suddenly becomes the turn of the 20th century Soviet Union. Where the government collapsed and 2/3 of the nation work for a handful of energy companies in such poor conditions they pray for the rise of the Socialist nation that used to exist. You remember that place right? Where people who stood outside the Capitol screaming for the removal of the dictator went to jail. Unlike the guy in our “socialist” nation run by that “Koran worshiping kneeling down Socialist coward” who was at that rally during the shutdown with Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. I think it was right around the same time and spot the most glaring example of how clueless and completely bamboozled America is took place. You all remember the exchange between the park ranger and Rep. Randy Neugebauer. The jackass who told the Ranger she should be ashamed of herself for barricading the parks he just voted to shut down. What a clueless, out of touch POS.  Yet we applaud this jackass.

All of these glaring examples of ignorance in our country seriously makes me sad. Some of the conversations I have tried to have with people have deteriorated into frustrated attempts to thwart the aforementioned out of context quotes by people who have no original thought. So, I end my yearish long experiment with blogging about topical issues. I’m done with Facebook conversations pointing out the factual inaccuracies with people’s junk. I know this means the terrorist win or whatever, but fuck it, I’m not getting paid for this and I might put myself in the crazy house. From now on my blog is about music (mostly). I’ve decided to start by using the various albums I love and analyzing why, beyond the typical, “Because it rocks dude”. More in the vein of my Taylor Swift blog.  I think the reason I like a variety of albums is for a variety of reasons, some of them not related to the technique of the musical process. It will be a bit more personal and probably more relatable for people. We shall see. 

In parting, please remember to check your facts, question authority and be aware that even though the NSA is listening, reading and watching you every moment of everyday their equipment was made by the lowest bidder. And apparently the President doesn’t know anything about it.


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