The Spring of Confusion

I’ve been on a break, sorry. A good friend of mine passed away since my last blog in January, a guy who helped me with songwriting and performing in immeasurable ways. Kenya V. you are sorely missed and still loved a great deal. You may be gone but our revolution lives on. Butler Mill, EMF!

In addition, I received a note from a former high school teacher of mine after my last post and it made me think a lot about what I was doing and why. I had no idea who read this thing and honestly thought a few friends and family might be curious to see what happens when I take my dinner time rants and formulate them into written, researched thoughts. When Mr. G. hit me up with his note it sort of freaked me out!  I’m glad I have an audience, but despite what anyone says, we all live in fear of being judged.

I blog about the topics I do as a means to relieve frustration. I am frustrated because I am a base thinker. I’m not sure if this is a term that anyone else knows since I’m pretty sure I made it up. Let me explain. I look at issues and try to break them down to their lowest common denominator. I try to remove the hot button emotional ties and examine topics at their most basic levels. I try not to pay attention to the misinformation campaigns run by politicians and lobbyists who stand to gain financially from the issues. Now, notice I said the issues, not the outcome. Generally, there is no outcome to what I am talking about. The “conversation” widens the divide in America while furthering the agenda of a select few. Look no further than the 2nd Amendment debate that dominated the last few months. The only group who has benefited is the gun and ammo manufacturers, who can’t get stock in stores fast enough. The NRA is doing a great job of fear mongering our citizenry to the best gun sales in modern US history. All for the benefit of Smith and Wesson, Colt, and of course, the NRA, who went from it’s lowest membership in years to a 250,000 member increase since December 2012.

I find it wholly and utterly confusing that many people contradict their support of a core value when getting entangled in the emotion of debate.  For instance, people who label themselves conservative usually take the position that the government has overextended its reach into our personal lives. They fight against soda pop laws and get bent out of shape over centralized Government Healthcare. They are generally support free market enterprise, even to the detriment of society (support for big tobacco, pharmaceutical and agra). I understand this and certainly see their point of view. It’s one that I support to an extent. As a person who has suffered at the hands of crooked politicians and had my Constitutional rights violated, I am very conscious of unreasonable  government intrusion into my life. But I also believe in personal responsibility. If you don’t want to be fat, don’t drink 128 oz of Coke during your morning commute. I see where you wouldn’t want the Government telling you as a citizen what size Coke you can buy and as a business limiting my ability to sell an otherwise legal product.

What sends me spinning is how this fundamental core value holds no water with these people when you mention abortion. Fundamentally, their position on soda pop should be the same as abortion. Like it or not, agree with it or not, abortion is a legal and accepted medical practice in this country. It is fundamentally the same issue, one that is centered on the rights of individuals to make decisions that affect their personal health without unreasonable government intrusion. But when you spin up the emotional bandwagon, the basic message gets lost. What you end up with is people who argue themselves out of a valid point because they make contradictory statements to the fundamental issues at hand. And to make matters more interesting, these same folks are almost inevitably on the side of States rights. Let the State’s decide the parameters of abortion or the definition of marriage, they say. If gays want to get married, move to  State that lets them get married. Let the States decide how we live our lives. Which is fine, except when States start to restrict magazine capacities on assault rifles  or want to restrict some types of weapons. Then the States better back off our Federally protected 2nd Amendment rights.  Confusing right?

As I move forward in life, I will hopefully continue to blog. I find it cathartic. It clears away the frustration I have when I watch our leaders engage in stupidity and exchanges that are hurtful to our nations growth and reputation. It cleanses the frustration I have in my fellow citizens who don’t look beyond the talking points, cartoons, quips and one liners that make their way across  the interweb and Facebook that have no factual basis. It helps me relieve the feeling of hopelessness that I sometimes get when I read the comments in conversations that display the utter ignorance that is clearly so prevalent in America.  Comments that reveal just how uneducated people are about the most basic tenants of their Government and the rights and responsibilities they have as US citizens. Words that educate me in just how far this country has to go to restore American greatness. I blog because I want to put my thoughts out there in a way that males sense. I don’t care if you agree with me. I’m not trying to convince anyone to change their ways. I just want people to think. I learned a valuable lesson in police work; I couldn’t save the world, but I could make a difference in many individual worlds. That’s really how change happens, isn’t it, just a little bit at a time? Thanks for taking the time to read my musings.


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