Hello world!

After long contemplation I have finally taken the plunge into blogging. This may be a serious error in judgement, only time will tell. I’ll try to  put a lot of thought into my posts; knowing who I am I’m sure I will be random in my thoughts, although I know a pattern will emerge when it comes to some topics (music, food, current events, etc).

To start, let me introduce myself, even if most of my readers (all 3 of you) already know me. I’m a 40something year old who lives in central Alabama. I spent over 17 years in law enforcement before “selling out” to the corporate world, where I currently serve as a major case  manager for a world wide insurance company. To clarify, I absolutely love my job and the company I work for. It is easily the best gig I’ve ever had in my life. During my police career I spent 3 years in patrol in Mobile, AL during the early 1990’s and then graduated to investigations, where I spent almost 15 years. I spent the majority of my career in prosecutor’s offices and worked on a variety of cases and prosecutions in that time, including homicide and serious assaults. However, for the better part of 11 years I specialized in financial crimes including cases of public corruption. Spending this much time working on cases involving the selling out of public office has taught me that if you are a public official and your lips are moving, the words coming out of your mouth are probably self serving at best and lies at worst. This usually leads to a question about which party I support or what my political philosophy is. I lean toward the party/philosophy that supports equal civil rights for all citizens; fiscal responsibility in government spending; strong family values and the health and safety of all citizens. The confusion for most people in this answer is that Democrats and Republicans both think this refers to their party, since these are the listed core values of both. Go figure.  In actuality, I don’t lean toward either party, I lean toward people. I try and make my voting decisions based on my take on the person running for office and my impressions of them.

Additionally important in the makeup of who I am is my love of music. I listen to, play, write, record, and produce it. I basically spend most of my free time hanging out in my studio with other musicians. I like all types of music, including country, which is something I’ve only recently admitted to 🙂 I’ve played in a wide variety of situations including high energy rock bands, jazz orchestras, jazz combos, full symphony orchestras and community pops bands. I’v played for crowds as large as 20,000 and as small as 4. I currently serve on the board of my community pops band and handle to percussion parts for the group. Music will probably take up a good portion of the space on this blog, be it discussions of songs, artists, projects I’m working on, etc. I fancy myself a producer and have been trying to move away from simply playing drums on sessions to working with artists to bring their songs to life. Shout out to my latest experiment, Rob Holbert of Lagniappe Mobile, who has written some really great songs and scarily agreed to allow me the opportunity to run with them. I’m looking forward to our upcoming October sessions in studio.

Lastly, let me just state this up front. I will be monitoring the Presidential race very closely and talking about it a lot over the next 30 days or so.  The candidates are a man who has spent his whole political life over the last 15 or so years working toward this election. He has made deals, cut corners, taken funny money and changed his position more than once on more than one topic. In fact, his position is so convoluted on some issues that he sounds just like his opponent when he speaks. He says he believes in civil rights, he represents all Americans, he can fix the economy and can be a strong presence when it comes to foreign policy. The problem is the candidate is the same on either side of the ticket. This describes Romney as much as it describes Obama. In fact, it describes most politicians in this country. But somehow the divide over those core values that are important to all Americans has led to otherwise rational people falling into the trap of getting into pissing contests over sound bites and talking points. I’ve been as guilty of it as the next guy and have made some ridiculous comments in the heat of argument. However, for the sake of credibility I will try and source with links any facts that I use. I welcome all comments, but draw the line at bullying and ugly behavior. Since it’s my blog I am the sole judge of comments. Disagreement is fine, but vulgar language, attacks on people, hateful or abusive language and the like will be removed and the poster blocked. There is only one warning and this is it. The Constitution only protects free speech from being infringed upon unlawfully by the Government. I am not the government and will shut your ass down if I feel like it. Cheers!



  1. Look forward to reading your thoughts, T. Blogging should be a good fit for you.

  2. Well this will be interesting! I’m buckling in for the ride!

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